Energy Efficiency Project

Since opening in 2004, the trustees of the hall, working with the generous support of the community, have been carrying out an extensive programme of improvements to the building to increase its energy efficiency and lower its energy bills

This programme has included;

  • Installation of energy efficiency fast driers in the toilets
  • PIR sensors in the kitchen, bathrooms and storage areas
  • Thermostats and timers on all heaters
  • And solar panels on the roof

This has ensured that the hall’s energy costs have actually fallen in the ten years since opening. This has been achieved by the extensive fundraising and generous donations of the hall’s users – thank you!

BELOW – A report and pictures from an event to celebrate the launch of our solar energy project (May 27th 2011)

AKVH installs solar energy generation and helps secure its future for the next 25 years

akvh solar 2             Areley-Kings-Village-Hall solar pv

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Report – Event on May 27th 2011

The retiring Chair of Trustees of Areley Kings Village Hall, Graham Baldwin and his wife Pauline invited special guests Mark Garnier (MP for Wyre Forest), Gary Talbot (Deputy Mayor of Stourport) and Paul Hutchins (Managing Director of Eco2solar based in Kidderminster), and 60 other especially invited guests to celebrate the installation of a SOLAR ENERGY GENERATING SYSTEM. Graham explained that the evening was part of their personal donation to the fund, as a thank you to all who had supported them. Graham then went on to say:

He first met Ryan Mee of Eco2solar in May 2010; Ryan agreed to meet the Trustees of Areley Kings Village to present a case for solar energy generation. Although the costs seemed prohibitive, £15750, the rewards for the hall would be enormous. The Trustees decided they could afford to do it but in order to retain a reasonable working capital they would need to recover half of the investment. They put their faith in their user groups, businesses and the people of Areley Kings by asking for their help in raising £8,200; they were not disappointed by the response.

The 60 other specially invited guests at the celebration event were the people and representatives of the groups who rose to the challenge and who so far have raised £6,600 towards the total of £8,200 which everyone agrees is a fantastic achievement.

The system had been generating electricity for 6 weeks and in that time has produced over 700kwh of free electricity for the hall; in addition there will be a payment of over £300 to the hall for generating this electricity, plus our carbon emissions have been reduced by 400kg reducing our carbon footprint considerably. Graham pointed out that AKVH is one of the most efficient, eco-friendly halls in the area, thanks to the generosity and dedication of its Trustees and the hundreds of people who support it.

It is estimated that the system will produce over 50% of the electricity that the hall normally uses, free of charge, plus it will get a payment of 43.3 pence for every kwh of electricity produced by the system for the next 25 years. All in all a WIN, WIN, situation for the village hall, and certainly one that will help to keep our hire rates for the community very competitive.

Mark Garnier MP also gave a short speech and also put the following article in the Stourport News it went as follows:

‘I went on a visit to Areley Kings Village Hall, where the local community were celebrating the completion of work done to install eco-friendly measures, including photovoltaic cells on the roof and fans for recycling heat. The village hall was built a few years ago as a result of money raised by the local community and a lottery grant and the cost of the recent installation was also raised locally. So not only does Areley Kings have an important local resource for the community, but it is a shining example of modern technology that is available to see in a working environment. Irrespective of people’s views on climate change, the fact is we are running out of fossil fuels and in the not too distant future, these power generation and heat recycling measures will be the norm. But in the meantime the examples set by the community in Areley Kings and others, is crucial in saving the planet.’

Gary Talbot Deputy Mayor of Stourport also said a few wonderful few words, saying that he had a small child and to hear what had been done by people pulling together and helping so much regarding environmental matters gave him very positive hope for the future.

Paul Hutchens, Managing Director of eco2solar also said how impressed he was with the effort that had been put into the fund raising and that he and his company were very proud to be part of the project.

The evening concluded with refreshments. Graham and Pauline were helped by their daughter Susan and her friend Julie. Everyone agreed it was a very enjoyable evening.

Update May 2012
In the first 12 month period we have produced 22% of our energy requirements, been paid for doing it and we avoided carbon emissions of 2300kg. What a fantastic result all round and we should all remember we have this for a 25 year period!

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